Pralad and The Chants

Well known for their Chant for Peace Festivals, their Acoustic Journey Kirtans and amazing Rock Out Dancefests. This tight knit trio of great musicians create a perfect musical springboard for the beautiful yoga mantras that cleanse our mind and heart of all tension and anxiety leaving us feeling refreshed, happy and peaceful.


Founders of Chant For Peace Festivals

Chant For Peace Festivals are the place to be for all our fun, live music, and chilled out people coming together to party to transcendental sound vibrations that bring peace to the mind and heart.  Whether you've never experienced the joy of kirtan or you're a total kirtan enthusiast you'll fall in love with Chant For Peace Festivals.



Eddie Hansen


Eddie Hansen (Pralad das), composer, recording artist, and renowned guitar player in Australasia and overseas, is the lead singer and guitar player in The Chants. His career started early at 13 years old, playing in local bands in New Zealand. After forming Ticket, a hugely popular band in Australasia with a hit single, Country High, he became famous for his amazing and versatile guitar playing. He was twice voted as New Zealand's best and most innovative guitar player. He also played with Glen Absolum in the high-energy rock bands, Ticket, Spyz and Living Force. He has spent considerable time overseas recording and performing as an artist and session musician. Pralad is now using his talents and expertise to help people experience the happiness and fulfilment that kirtan brings, with his brothers in arms, Glen Absolum and Naz.


"Nothing makes us happier than to see people enjoying and having fun and a good time at our events.  So we're feeling extremely grateful to have so many opportunities to share with others this beautiful uplifting kirtan meditation".


Glen Absolum


Glen Absolum (Gauranga das) is undoubtedly one of the most experienced rock drummers in Australasia. He has twice been voted New Zealand's best rock drummer, and also voted the best rock drummer in Australia. His career began when he was just 15 years old, playing drums professionally in renowned bands such as Underdogs, Space Farm, Australian Le Frame band, and Ticket, Spyz and Living Force with Eddie Hansen.  He has toured constantly for many years in New Zealand and Australia and played drums on numerous albums, his most recent being Angus and Julia Stones Aria award winner, Big Jet Plane.


Narratama Wertenbach

Bass player Naz (Narratama Wertenbach), with his driving bass lines and rhythm, is a rock solid foundation for the band. He started out at the age of 12 playing in the Philippines and later on with an Australian band called Crowfeather, doing gigs from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney. He loves playing kirtan music, and is a multi-instrumentalist who writes and works in his home studio.  Now I'm living my dream playing in a band with the guys I was inspired by and always looked up to since I was a kid.